Technical information for the THALER AG radio and sensor product line



THALER AG is a developer and manufacturer of radio frequency transmission systems for diverse applications involving remote meter reading. sensor data collection and data transmission.


Different technologies are optimised for the application of various types of solution and presuppose an extensive knowledge of the system involved.


Microcontroller technology

High performance RISC CPU for real-time functionality

Watchdog timer control for no-break applications

Analogue-to-digital converter for voltage and current processing

Industrial and extended temperature range

Wide operating voltage range and low power features based on nano-ampere technology

Long lifetime function for power from battery and solar panel

On-chip memory with data reception during power failures is standard


THALER AG 1-way radio technology permits an economical and current minimised

battery solution. Periods of operation of up to 15 years without changing batteries

are possible. Transmissions take place in secured mode with redundant transmission and check-sum control. The transmission protocols are also prepared for the digital transmission of analogue data


THALER AG bi-directional radio technology is compatible and can be combined with 1-way radio and is used where secured data communication takes place in both directions and radio mesh networks are needed. Frequencies and ranges are similar.


The used output power is from 1mW (range 200 meters) to 500mW

(range 6000 meters), depending on the device.


In European countries, the radio products operate on the radio frequency band 868 to 870 MHz. Other frequency bands, such as 433 MHz and 915 MHz 2.4 GHz, can be used in other countries. Ready-to-use 5.6 GHz high-speed long-distance link.


FSK Frequency Shift Key modulation and THALER AG optimised coding ensures stable transmission even during disturbances by industrial devices.


All THALER AG devices can be used with proprietary radio protocols for security-related applications or with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard protocol.


Each radio and network device works with its unique ID-number and is therefore clearly addressable.

All radio products conform to EN 300 220, VDE0100 and similar standards.

ATEM, Ex or other certifications on request.



THALER AG devices are appropriate for sensor interfaces such as 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, RS232, and RS485, as well as SPI, 1-wire-bus and other analogue and serial digital modes of transmission. Pulse counter inputs are used for gas meters, water meters and watt meters as well as prepayment meters with power-down relays. The THALER AG wire-1-bus is a simple local interconnector for different sensors/meters over which the concentrated wireless data string can be transferred.


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