90 percent energy saving with TRILL(c) LED DIMMING


++    Energy and cost savings up to 90 percent


++    Secured data transfer by using of a special proprietary radio

        data protocol which has its roots in several satellite data

        communication systems


++    Because of hardware and software encoding there is no

possibility to read out or to manipulate the protocol by

unauthorized persons


++    It is easy to integrate the hardware into every LED lighting



++    It is using global license-free radio frequencies


++    In case of damage, sabotage or disturbance data

        transmissions will not be affected and the light will continue

        without interruption.


++    Automatic transmission of the status to the server in the case

        of faulty function of the LED illumination and recognition of a



++    Several temperature, current sensors and other can be

        adapted easily


++    The operating system TRILL, which is optimised for

LED illumination, simplifies expansions in the LED light unit

and in all peripheries


++    There are not any license payments to not-involved



++    Most inexpensive hardware for high volume production


++    All source codes are available and are secured for customers



++    Direct access to hard and software developers


++    All PCB-boards can be adapted in size and voltage supply


++    IP68 protection is tested and released


++    Agreements of global exclusivities also in third party



++    Available frequencies for North America, EUROPE and



++    Because of using the SUB 1 GHz bands TRILL is ideal for the

        penetration of walls and shelves.


++    No problematic 2.4 GHz used. No blocking by radio traffic.


++    No blocking by other users like alarm systems, radio

controlled monitors and others.


++    The strong and extensively acting company THALER will

        future-certain secure the business



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